Industry Comments Karl-Johan Reite, SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture AS, Research Scientist I have no doubt that, disregarding the problem of energy, the use of rotating cylinders would be an excellent way of controlling the trawl doors. So if you solve this in a practical way, I think you have a very good case. Mark de Graaf, Maritiem bv, Holland, trawlnet manufacturer: "We are experimenting trawl opening systems and devices for over two decades and are open to all sorts of new  ideas. When we came across your system, I told myself 'This is it!'. So expect no one on earth to be more positive  about the rotor door than myself." Graham Smout, Electronic Navigation Ltd, New Zealand, electronics company: "There is little doubt here that the concept of the Active Trawl System is brilliant especially if applied to seamount  fishing. the doubts that do exist centre around possible high maintenance costs and the need for a power supply  cable which would be regarded as a danger (physical not electrical) to sea birds....." Patrick Simpson, Scientific Fishery Systems Inc, Alaska, fisheries consultant: "I did not initially understand the entire vision that you had for your active trawl systems. Now that I do, I see the  immense opportunity for melding my and your technology together. As I am sure you are aware, the bycatch issue  has become increasingly more prominent in the North Pacific (and elsewhere) ..... Very little has been done on  actually sensing what is coming into the trawl and actively avoiding it. This is where your trawl technology can play a major role."        Mike Stone, Victory Fishing Gear International, USA, fishing gear supplier: " This is a very interesting project. My partners and I can readily see the potential of your invention, and we have a few questions or suggestions for you..... I know it is premature to discuss in detail at this time, but Victory would be very interested in handling sales and service in the USA." Geiri Petursson, Austral Fisheries, New Zealand, fishing master: "Therefore it is at times very hard to accurately get the net on top of the pinnacle (often only 30 - 100 metres wide) ........ Having an accurate position of the net like the one described above and doors which you could drive in any  direction, vertical or horizontal, would in my view revolutionize fishing like Orange Roughy fishing and other deep  water fishing." Atli Mar Josafatsson, J Hinriksson Ltd, Iceland, trawl door manufacturer: "We are very impressed with your invention of the Variable Thrust Vectoring Device and express our sincere interest  and intention to enter into a licence agreement with you for the purpose of commercialising the invention.".......” The skippers opinion to the system is that it is a very good idea and I am quite sure that they did understand all its  advantages.” G Brothers, NWAFC, Coordinator - Conservation Technology: "We would be very interested in further information on technologies which reduce the impact of trawling on the  seabed, and possibly testing onboard a Canadian fishing vessel." Freeman Ralph, C-Core, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Engineer: "As more pressure is placed on the industry to minimize seabed damage, a system such as this has great potential  and will become necessary if bottom trawling is to continue in the future." Debra Logan, BC Beam Trawler's Association: "The Active Trawl System sounds like something that we could use as part of our ongoing development toward an  even more responsible, sustainable fishery." Charles R Hart, Marco Marine Seattle, Senior Vice President: "We find your Variable Thrust Vector Device in place of trawl doors interesting and certainly unique to the trawling  industry.... We are always interested in working with inventors such as yourself on new technology."
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