A Brief History Active Fishing Systems was launched in 1995 by Maurice Shenker with the mission "to dedicate itself to the  research and development of fishing gear and techniques, based on its own innovations as well as on client  requirements; to offer novel solutions to the technology-based fisheries of the future". In the 19 years of its existence, a fishing “storm” has been steadily brewing and which is starting to throttle the  industry: On the one hand, environmental pressures have been building up, with strong demands to reduce the harvesting of  species deemed to be overexploited, to close off certain areas to fishing, to stop certain fishing practices and to  reduce the damage done to the environment by fishing. On the other hand, certain fishery management practices, based on evolving fisheries science, political and other  policies, as well as government regulations have been put in place, which demand particular fishing and business  strategies to be adopted. Then there are the economic issues such as rising fuel costs, high maintenance and replacement costs as well as  market factors which influence the options available to the industry. In addition, the effects of climate change could result in the harvesting of alternative fish species in areas other than those currently being fished. Active Fishing Systems develops its products with the above very much in mind. It thus tries to provide the industry with new “tools” that promote good fishing practices, yet are efficient and flexible in operation. A major thrust of its activities to date has been directed towards the development and promotion of the Active Trawl System. In the process, it has established numerous links to fishing companies, equipment manufacturers,  institutions and organizations around the world. Active Fishing Systems also promotes relevant new fishing technologies and provides a consultancy service to the  fishing industry. Contact Details: Active Fishing Systems PO Box 15759 Vlaeberg 8018 SOUTH AFRICA Tel No:  +2721 439 8991         Mobile No: +2782 9222811        Skype: mauriceshenker Fax No: +2786 684 9343 Email: info@activefishingsystems.co.za
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