Demo Software Demonstration and simulation software (all Windows platforms) for the Active Trawl System as well as videos of  concept demonstrator trials are available on Email request. The simulation program illustrates dynamically how the system reacts to changes in the trawl parameters. A typical  display is shown below. The mouse-driven control panel on the right hand side of the screen allows the trawl speed, warp length, trawl depth, lateral position, net opening and trawl rotation to be changed at any time. The four white rectangles each represent a rotor (two per VTVD). The widths of the red band within the rectangles are proportional to the rotational speeds of  the rotors i.e. the wider the red band, the faster the rotor is turning. Modify any of the parameters, and you will see how the speeds and heel angles change until the set conditions are achieved and equilibrium is obtained. There are also a number of pull-down menus with brief descriptions of features and functions available in a working  system. The demonstration program shows typical screens and menus as they would be displayed on the ATS computer. The program has, at this moment in time, limited functionality. However, it does illustrate how the ATS interfaces with  other equipment as well as some operations.
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