For Commercial and Sports Fishermen Fitting a Deep Troller to the line can add another dimension to trolling - depth.   Set the minimum and maximum depth on the unit and the Deep Troller will repeatedly take the lure down and up,  thereby increasing the troll envelope. It has recently been extensively redesigned and now incorporates full electronic sensing and control. This has  improved the accuracy of the depth settings and also given it more functionality HOW DOES IT WORK? With the fins locked in the illustrated position, the Deep Troller dives When the set diving depth is reached, the fins rotate to a surfacing position When the set surfacing depth is reached, the fins rotate to the diving position again FEATURES OF THE DEEP TROLLER Adjustable Depth Range -  surfacing 0 to 4 meters and diving 5 to  50 meters (line length dependant) 10 unique trolling profiles - fast or slow dive and surfacing speeds as well as “loitering” at set depths Use Your Favourite Lure - simply clip in on "Special Effects" Payload - space to carry a slow-release chumming mix or chemical attractant, electronic luring  device, lights or a temperature sensor, for example Lateral Trim for Multiple Lines - preset trim tabs for side tracking Robust Mechanism - designed for rough handling RIGGING The Deep Troller can be rigged in two ways: Inline - attach the fishing line to the front eye and the lure trace to the rear eye. Quick Releasing - Attach the Deep Troller to a towing line and clip the fishing line to a spring-loaded clamp on the  Deep Troller. When a fish strikes, the fishing line is released and the Deep Troller can be hauled in separately.        
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Deep Troller
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Deep Troller