Active Fishing Systems Active Fishing Systems, based in Cape Town South Africa, specializes in the development and manufacture of  fishing gear and systems which: o are more environmentally friendly  o promote sustainable fishing practices o provide a cost benefit and return to the fisherman o reduce fishing effort. Its products are based on its own innovations as well as on client requests. Typical of these are: The Active Trawl System - the new generation “control at the door end of the warps” trawl system which makes use of  innovative Variable Thrust Vector Devices in place of  conventional trawl doors. Its constrained off-seabed operation as well as the design intent significantly reduce environmental damage. Precise control of  the magnitude and direction of the forces generated by these  devices results in a degree of control over the trawl gear and the fishing operation not possible with any other conventional or  computer-trawl system currently in use. As the generated forces are constantly adjusted to match the trawl gear requirement,  less power is needed which equates to lower operating costs. Anti-depredation device - The “My-Fishi Shuttle” is a hard  cage-type structure which can be clipped onto the longline. It strips the fish off the hooks and stores them in a containment  section where they are fully protected from depredation  attacks by Orcas and other whales. The Shuttle can be  configured to suit most longline systems and can also be  specifically tailored for a particular target species. The My-Fishi Shuttle does not harm the Orcas and other  whales in any way. The Deep Troller - clipped to a fishing line, it  oscillates the lure between two pre-set adjustable  depths, enlarging the troll envelope. The minimum  depth can be set to prevent accidental hooking of  seabirds.                Now with electronic control and 10 unique  trolling profiles.  Tunaware - Tunaware and TunaLite display the information needed for an efficient fishing operation, in a clear and  ergonomic manner. They also compute and indicate to the fishermen when to attach the branchlines, floats and buoys to the mainline, as well as to provide a control signal to the line setter. As the hooks can be set within a narrow depth band to suit the target species, accidental bycatch of endangered species can be reduced. Enquiries from interested role players, fishermen, manufacturers, organizations, institutions, regulators and investors in connection with collaboration/participation in the above projects are most welcome and will be treated with confidentiality.    
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