A Short CV Maurice Shenker was educated in South Africa and Namibia and studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of  Cape Town. His deep-rooted interest in fishing technology and fishing stems from his early involvement in the family  fishing business. While responsible for the operation and management of his own fishing vessels, he applied scientific and engineering technologies with success to new fishing methods and the exploration of new fishing grounds. Further expertise in the management, operations and maintenance of a fleet of vessels was acquired during a land  based assignment as a Marine Engineer for a large fishing company. The years spent thereafter in the high-tech research and development environment at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research as well as in the armaments industry honed his skills and expertise in the development of  successful products. During this period the concept of the Active Trawl System was conceived. His marine experience was further expanded while employed at the Naval Engineering Bureau of the South African  Navy. As the Advanced Manufacturing Engineer for an automotive components company, he gained valuable experience  with respect to production processes and equipment.
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Maurice Shenker
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